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Car Park cleaning

As a business owner, we understsand how important it is to put a great amount of care and attention into the appearance of your building. You may keep the shop front gleaming and even have had some lanscpaping done to enhance the building’s curb appeal. But as for the car park, that’s just something that doesn’t need much thought, right?

You are probably thinking a car park is just a bit of tarmac or concrete that needs laying then never needs thinking about again – but actually it can be doing a lot of harm to your business as first impressions count…First impressions count

It’s highly likely that a potential customer will never consciously notice a clean, tidy, well-kept car park. But it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll notice a dirty one. If the first part of your premises a customer sees and experiences looks neglected, uncared for and leaves your customer with little to no confidence, they may not even bother stopping in the first place – directly hitting your bottom line!

Litter, graffiti, chewing gum, unsightly stains and questionable odours are just some of the common issues that can be off-putting to potential customers, regardless of whether your car park is small or a large multi-storey complex.

In the split second it takes to form a first impression, your car park can speak volumes. If it looks neglected, that image is portrayed to the rest of your business and potential customers will start to question other aspects; What kind of service can I honestly expect? Is everything this old and worn? Will the business still be here next month?

But similarly, a well-kept car park can have a positive impact. It shows high standards, attention to detail, a good level of service and quality.

These thoughts will be surfacing in your customer’s minds before they’ve even had the chance to step foot in the door and often, without them even realising.

So if you have notoiced your car park is need of a spruce up… please don’t hestitate to contact us on 01902742222 or fill in this enquiry form and we will get back to you.