Render Cleaning

Over time building renders become discoloured, grimy and covered in moss and algae. This is due to weather conditions and traffic pollution.

Able exterior cleaning can provide a solution by using the latest soft washing technology to revive your buildings render to its former glory!

We clean and restore many types of renders:

• K-Rend
• Coloured Renders
• Pebble Dash
• Monocouche Render

Able Exterior Cleaning carry out render cleaning working at and from ground level, using soft wash techniques, as opposed to jet or power washing systems to avoid potential damage to your building.

We provide render cleaning for:

• Office buildings
• Private homes
• Stores and shops
• Hotels and guest houses
• Doctors’ surgeries
• Playschools and schools
• Gyms and fitness centres
• Building sites

Call us on 01902 742222 to discuss your render cleaning requirements.

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